The pressure on your knee as you walk can be painful, and that’s why you need a knee scooter with plenty of padding. You want your knee scooter to be made from strong material because these are devices that are supposed to hold the entire weight of your body, so you really do need one that can provide optimum support and protect you from injury. While you can always add more foam or even a pillow, these additions won’t be stable and can cause accidents. Plus, the new two-piece leg pad provides superior user comfort. They take up little room to store and some knee scooters can even fold. Knee walkers or also called knee scooters are a quite unique medical mobility device. These can be moved to accommodate casts, boots… Ideal for individuals recovering from injury or surgery to the knee, hip, foot, ankle or lower leg. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. While you move with the scooter, your leg remains on this knee rest at all times. Knee scooter is a great invention, but beware if you do not have upper body strength. First, think about the position in which one leg would sit on a scooter. This is why we think that tools such as the knee scooter are so useful, allowing you to walk around with ease even in the grips of a nasty injury. is a wheeled mobility device that allows you to support your injured leg on a knee platform—while allowing you to steer the handle bars toward any direction. * For discussion purposes only, your email address will not be shared, distributed or used to solicit any unwanted information. Knee walkers can be steered for increased maneuverability. Using the proper knee scooter at the correct settings for your body will make your recovery so much easier. Just like the term implies, seated knee scooters allow you to remain non-weight bearing by staying in a seated position—as opposed to standing upright in a knee scooter. Happy New Year! Contact your doctor or PT before using. You have to be able to manage standing on one leg and getting it arranged on the knee scooter before you start maneuvering it forward. 8″” Wheels – Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Includes Lifetime Warranty on Brake Cable, Tight Turning Radius – Makes Maneuvering Easy, Easy to Squeeze Dual Level Brakes – For Added Safety, Soft, Molded Knee Pad – Provides Comfort to your Knees. Ideal for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation and ulcers of the foot. You will have the proper height on the knee rest when you are standing upright on your good leg and your thigh is at a ninety degree angle to your calf on the injured leg resting on the pad. The strong and sturdy material will also be beneficial when considering different weather conditions you might encounter with your scooter. Keeping your injured leg non-weight bearing is essential to recovering from surgery. It is a faster way to get around without using crutches. A quality knee walker will feature two thick, adjustable pads that are firmly attached to the knee scooter. 6. 99 ($17.99/Count) Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 13. Just fill out the fields below, and we will contact you. 6 Useful Accessories for Your Knee Scooter (Updated 2020), How To Shower With a Non-Weight Bearing Cast. When getting on and off knee rest make sure to squeeze the brake handles and that you are on a flat surface. As with all mobile devices, you have to use it the way it is intended. The knee scooter aids in the walking. The scooter was amazing! On a knee scooter, you can even seat if you want. Knee scooters are equipped with brakes, just like a regular bicycle. Many compact knee scooters can allow a user to easily navigate busy city streets, the rows of shelves at a store, or even the narrow aisle of an airplane. The comparison table below, which includes several of our products, can help you find the KneeRover ® products that are the best fit for you. This can be due to having weak and sensitive knees or having a knee injury. Knee scooters or knee walkers are NOT designed for sitting on. Mobility across many different surfaces inside and out, When you are using it you will have good posture support, Help reduce accidental bumps and stepping on foot, Have a place to put stuff in your basket unlike crutches, Overall Folded Dimensions: 33.5″l x 18″w x 18″h. is a seated knee scooter that helps you recover from foot, ankle, hip, or knee injuries. These devices give you stability and agility in your travels and are far more practical than using a wheelchair wherever you go. There is another mobility device that serves that purpose, but more on that in a bit. The Evolution knee walker is the perfect solution for patients who cannot bear weight on theirfoot/ankle, or knee. This is not a proper way to use a scooter and warranties can be voided if damage is done from sitting on it and having an accident. The scooter helps you get around when one of your legs or feet is healing from injury. A knee scooter is only meant to bear the weight of your injured leg. They develop some scooters for indoor use. Click the link to get the most current price. The airline employees can then let him in during the pre-boarding session. If you don’t you can risk getting hurt. A knee scooter or knee walker is a two, three or four-wheeled alternative to crutches or a traditional walker as an ambulation aid. In fact, you can find four-wheeled knee scooters and three-wheeled ones on the market. Early on my knee and thigh would feel it if I covered long distances, but that got better with practice. This is an alternative to crutches or folding walkers and allows to maintain an active and more independent lifestyle. Talk with your healthcare provider about using a knee scooter to aid your mobility, and look online or contact a local medical equipment company to find one near you. I used the knee scooter for the first 7 weeks and am now walking with a CAM walker/boot. Let's take a look at how a patient after foot surgery and no-weight bearing with a knee scooter can drive a car. Removable discreet storage pouch with Velcro-lock strapping. Your other leg ought to be straight on the ground whereas the battle-scarred leg sits within the middle of the seat. This knee walker folds easily for storage and transport. Make sure you assess the right kind of knee scooter for the proper use. The shoulder pain is so so much more painful than the broken foot ever was. Enjoying the Great Outdoors with a Broken Foot Injury. The versatile Evolution scooter gives you all the benefit's of a knee scooter while being in a seated position. I could carry things around the house, cook and wash dishes, and I used it at work. You have to make wide turns to avoid a spill. They consist of a platform with wheels and a tall steering column. 4.The Wedge. It can take the place of crutches. Sometimes, even if you have a below-the-knee injury, a knee scooter may not be a good option. Stroll around even with injured knees with this ProBasics Knee Walker. With any mobile device along with having an injury you want to be cautious and use the equipment as intended. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'seniorlivingheadquarters_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',123,'0','0']));Courtesy Of Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas. Using your other leg you can move the scooter around. When this is the case, a seated knee scooter may be a great fit. KneeRover® Comparison The KneeRover ® brand offers 13 unique knee walker solutions designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users. Tool-free height and left/right leg adjustments let users tailor the Knee Walker to their specific needs. Also available at Amazon. As you walk your weight will be supported by your knee on the knee rest as your good leg takes a stride. Knee walkers or also called knee scooters are a quite unique medical mobility device. It’s not the easiest thing to do. But on knee crutches, you have to set your knees in one position. Renting a knee scooter is a great option if you will only be needing it for less then 3 months. His wife owns a successful family business that has served tens of thousands of people. It features a tight turning radius to make maneuvering easy, easy-to-squeeze dual lever brakes for added safety, and a soft, molded knee pad which provides comfort to your knees. Your other leg should be straight on the floor while the injured leg sits in the middle of the seat. Don’t take the risk. And you will not be able to move your knee. Padded leg pad provides comfort. You can click the Amazon link below to get the most current price and information. * Monday through Friday, Except holidays and weekends. The Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker with Basket provides quicker mobility and enhanced safety and stability over crutches allowing you to better manage pain and recover more quickly. Product recommendations are based on your height, knee to floor distance, weight, and intended usage. A seated knee scooter is a four-wheeled mobility device that works much like a cross between a wheelchair and a knee scooter. You don’t want a … Many medical suppliers will rent their customers knee scooters at a substantial discount compared to purchasing the knee scooter. I was forced to sit down every five minutes because the pain was unbearable. Can You Sit on a Knee Scooter? The proper height for the handlebars should let your arms extend straight so that you can keep yourself upright. You can use the different position of your legs on the knee scooter. While not as common as the standard upright knee scooter, this can be a useful alternative for those who tire quickly or need more mobility support. It is constructed to aid individuals with ankle or foot conditions such as surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation, and ulcers. Both handlebars and knee rest are adjustable. The scooter helps you get around when one of your legs or feet is healing from injury. A knee scooter, which is sometimes referred to as a knee walker, resembles a traditional scooter, but instead of a footrest, it features an elevated knee rest where you place your injured leg. Time for New Beginnings Are you Inspired? Steven Abbey is a author for Senior Living Headquarters and owns a home in a retirement community. The Cardinal Knee Walker is ideal for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation, and ulcers of the foot. 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,249. While the bad leg rests on the knee rest your good leg will push off the floor and glide you to your destination. It allows you the opportunity to sit on the seat with your leg rested up. Keep your shoes on to avoid hurting your feet. You would stand on one leg and plant the affected leg on the bench by situating the knee on the bench so that the knee is bent comfortably at 90 degrees. You can also ride this device on your knees while your hands grip its side for balance. Whether in seated or standing mode, this seated knee scooter is far superior to crutches when it comes to stability, comfort and ease of mobility. The handlebars come up to about your waist. It is a faster way to get around without using crutches. Steroid shot today to relieve the pain. You can confirm correct fitting for a knee scooter whereas you're in an exceedingly standing position. The cheaper units only have one thin piece of padding. While we've seen some customers sit on the padded knee rest while they, for example, are waiting in line. Luckily, the Deluxe Steerable Knee Cycle is just the cruiser you need; a cycle that is perfect for your knees. Another issue is getting on the knee scooter from sitting. But knee crutches haven’t this facility of taking rest. You place your good leg on the ground to propel yourself forward. Unlike a walker, which stands much wider than a person's frame, a knee scooter perches nearly within a user's shoulder width. Once you’re feeling good enough to move around, a great piece of advice for using a knee walker is to start with short trips once you decide to go outside the house. A knee walker or a knee scooter is a medical device that is designed as an alternative to crutches. The engineering of the knee rest is NOT made to support all of your body weight and thus may result in tipping over and you getting injured. Keep your hands up at chest level and sit like a monk with your forefinger and thumb touching in a circle. For those experiencing pain or discomfort following foot surgery, breaks, sprains or ulcers, the Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker with Basket from Drive Medical is a simple, comfortable, durable, and pain-free crutch alternative. A knee scooter can be a useful mobility device for someone who has a lower leg injury (ankle, tibia, fibula, foot) or post-surgical condition. It is a manual scooter with handlebars, brakes, three to five wheels and a knee rest.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'seniorlivingheadquarters_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_4',122,'0','0'])); Knee Walkers look like a little scooter and are designed for weight-bearing relief for those who have injuries to a lower leg, ankle or foot. Also, they come in various makes and models. The handle and knee pad heights can also be adjusted to accommodate your desired height. So it won’t be suitable for all heavy people. It is known by many other names, such as knee coaster, knee cruiser, knee caddy, orthopaedic scooter, or leg walker. This is where you rest your injured leg. KneeRover Evolution Steerable Seated Scooter Mobility Knee Walker Crutches Alternative in Blue . And most importantly, how do you fit your knee scooter in the car. You want a knee scooter you can sit on while you wait for an engagement, or are you just a fan of bicycles, the only problem, is you can’t ride because your foot is broken. © 2021 Copyright Senior Living Headquarters, link to How Much Do Rollators Weigh - 8 Examples. What makes it stand out is the ability to transform from a seated position to a full upright knee scooter. Keeping your injured leg non-weight bearing is essential to recovering from surgery. I'm writing to help seniors with their questions about retirement communities, life, products and family finances. However, it only has a 300 pound weight capacity. Similarly, knee scooters allow their users to be hands free. The leg that has the injury ought to be resting well on the middle of the seat cushion/pad. To avoid getting hassled, a traveler should try and be early at the security gate. link to Do Suction Grab Bars Work on Drywall? How do I slow down on a knee scooter? Under no circumstances should one operate a knee scooter while sitting down. The unit’s 8″ wheels make it ideal for indoor and outdoor use and the deluxe dual braking system helps maximize safety. They may have special instructions for your knee scooter type. Durable, steel frame with silver vein finish; Tool-free height adjustment. Make sure the hand brakes work and that they stop the back wheels from moving. $304.59 $ 304. Using your good foot, you take strides forward with you good leg and steer the handlebars towards the direction you want to go. The KneeRover Evolution Seated Scooter is a proven and durable mobility aid and an excellent alternative to crutches. Step by step: How to knee scooter. Be careful when transitioning from carpet to hard surface floors and vise versa. I used crutches at the time, and while the crutches worked great, a knee walker may have been the better option. A Knee scooter, also known as “knee walkers”, are mobility devices that can help you get around with ease without putting added pressure on your hands or other joints. A knee scooter is one of the least invasive mobility aids a person in generally good health can use. Like the rest of the models in our rental flee— the rate for the Gemini is only $25 a week, with free shipping both ways anywhere in the continental USA. Waterproof Cast Protectors - Frequently Asked Questions. I can’t use crutches because of sholder pain so got a knee scooter and have used it for 2 weeks. Cross your legs and ensure that the back of your thighs is on the board. With not having the proper support for your weight you can tip over, especially if you are making sharp turns and rolling on it. The Evolution seated knee scooter is designed to give you maximum mobility while you recover from a foot, ankle, knee, leg, or hip injury. Pictured for comparison: a seated knee scooter on the left, and a knee walker on the right. First - the steerable knee scooter (knee cart) and the car. Go slow and practice turns and go backwards. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases and referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. The main centerpiece of a knee scooter (also called knee walker) is the padded knee rest. The leg that has the injury should be resting comfortably on the center of the seat cushion/pad. When I broke my ankle, I also had to struggle with getting around. If you don’t you can risk getting hurt. When first starting to use the knee scooter make sure someone starts there to spot you. Knee Scooter Comfy Cushion by TKWC INC - Two Inch Thick Foam Knee Pad and Cover - Fits Most Knee Walker Models. As with all mobile devices, you have to use it the way it is intended. The knee rest platform (or the whole knee scooter for that matter) is not designed to be sat on. In the Peek Knee Cruiser manual step nine in the warnings which you can read here states no sitting on the knee rest because of the lack of support. Knee scooters available in Florida and other states come in compact designs that fit easily in the aisle space of most planes. Just like knee walkers, seated knee scooters are fully adjustable, and have hand brakes to control your pace. With a knee walker, you can save energy that would otherwise be expended getting from room to room on recovery. Knee Scooter Instructions. Imagine being able to stand, rest your injured leg, and cook a meal–the knee scooter allows for that. Unlike other knee walkers that offer only forward-facing front wheels, Drive’s Steerable Knee Walker features a fully maneuverable pair of front wheels for superior ease of use. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to There are many options when trying to find the right walking assist device for yourself or a loved one. 3.Spinning Monk. When using crutches most of your body weight rests in your arms–with a knee scooter, you use your leg muscles to move while providing your injured leg non-weight bearing rest. Ensure the knee rest is set at the proper height and all locking screws are tight after adjustments. The Gemini seated knee scooter is available at Rent A Knee Walker for purchase or for rent online. A regular knee scooter will not be able to withstand your weight for a long time. You can determine proper fitting for a knee scooter while you are in a standing position. So, for choosing knee crutch or knee scooter, you should depend on your leg strength and balance. The Nova Ortho-Med Turning Knee Walker is an excellent mobility device for patients suffering from foot or ankle injuries. They can be used indoors and outdoors. Knee Scooter Instructions. Rollators are great for those who need to sit or rest frequently and for people who have... Suction grab bars are a useful tool that requires minimal assembly and installation. If you have a knee injury, a great alternative mobility aid is a seated knee scooter. † New orders only, for orders totaling $100 or more, offer not combinable. It allows you to sit on a padded seat (just like a bicycle) while elevating your injured foot on a peg. With a knee scooter, you can get around easily and safely, ensuring that your daily routine isn’t disrupted. The knee rest is about knee level. I'm Steven Abbey, who started Senior Living Headquarters. Your message has been received, we will contact you shortly. There are pros and cons for each mobility device. The knee scooter allows you to maneuver in small rooms and hallways. The knee pad can be adjusted from 17″ to 22.5″. A few years ago my parents were downsizing and needed information about active senior living. Knee scooters usually have three or four wheels and are outfitted with a knee rest. is designed to help you keep non-weight bearing (while standing upright) while you recover below the knee injuries such as a foot or ankle injuries. Steerable Knee Scooter In Car Steerable knee carts are quite bulky and heavy. Using a compact knee scooter meant for indoor use outside, especially during inclement weather, can result in serious injury. Durable, Steel Frame with Silver Vein Finish. $17.99 $ 17. This knee walker with seat by KneeRover is a great alternative to the traditional knee walkers and mobility aids. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'seniorlivingheadquarters_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_2',130,'0','0'])); The knee scooter is an excellent device to use for mobile homes, RV’s, cottages, lake houses and hotels. The injured leg has non –  weight bearing on it and rests on the knee rest. The KneeRover All Terrain is the best knee scooter for rough terrain. Can I sit on my knee scooter? The bottom of the knee to the lower shin should be supported by the knee rest. . If you are recovering from a sprain or fracture below the knee, an Achilles tendon injury, or surgery on the lower leg, ankle or foot, a mobility aid like the knee scooter can be just the motivation you need to keep moving! Over the years, knee scooters have evolved significantly regarding comfort, safety, and maneuverability. UNFORTUNATELY now have severe shoulder impingement and have endured nights of no sllep. He also has a electrical technician degree. All Rights Reserved ® 2007-2021 / Copyright © 2007-2021 Rent A Knee Walker. Then you just roll the scooter as your bad leg would take a stride. Elderdepot, Mobilehelp, iamfine, Piscifun, SA CO, TwinMed LLC, Medical Supply Depot, Mobile Home Parts Store, ShareASale. 4.4 out of 5 stars 181. Edd Siu June 26, 2020 A knee scooter is a wheeled mobility device that allows you to support your injured leg on a knee platform—while allowing you to steer the handle bars toward any direction. Medicare Coverage for Knee Scooters. The knee scooter is a mobile device that aids in walking when recovering from an injury.

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