Student Business Services. Contact our Cashiers office directly at Should a student or former student fail to pay a fee or a debt to the University, the University may “withhold permission to register, to use facilities for which a fee is authorized to be charged, to receive services, materials, food or merchandise or any combination of the above from any person owing a debt” until the debt is paid (Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Sections 42380 and 42381). Free Number of Applicants over … Cal State Fullerton Tuition & Cost. Recently received a letter in the mail about outstanding fees? View tuition and campus fees on … Funds received in excess of the amount due will not be accepted. Visit our Collections page for more information. Calculate My Chances. Find out your chances at financial aid and the true cost of attendance, room, … Class Size 35-40. What's the Franchise Tax Board? The President’s Scholars Program at Cal State Fullerton is based solely on merit and recognizes incoming first-time freshmen who have demonstrated excellence in academic achievement, leadership ability and community service. Franchise Tax Board (FTB) operates the Interagency Intercept Collection program on behalf of the State Controller's office. Undergraduate Living Off … Contact the Office of Financial Aid You may be required to repay a portion of the funds you received. Cal State Fullerton is a member of Big West Conference (BWC). As Cal State Fullerton students, we are concerned with the total amount of fees that we will be paying while taking mandatory virtual classes for the Fall 2020 semester. Applications for the waiver are obtained at the Veterans Resource Center in the student's residing county. Graduate education at the Cal State Fullerton College of Business and Economics is designed for the dynamic population of business professionals in Southern California and beyond. In State California Resident Sticker Price . Connect with a Customer Service Specialist online during our SBS Connect operating hours. Without confirmed anticipated aid, students may be responsible to make out-of-pocket payments by the payment deadline. The University will try to work with you to collect the obligation owing to the University. A drop box is located at GH-180, Window #10 for 24/7 payments that will be processed the next business day. On our campus at Fullerton, they help fund a variety of services and benefit the community as a whole. Paying for California State University-Fullerton For academic year 2019-2020, the tuition & fees is $6,924 for California residents and $18,804 for out-of-state students at California State University-Fullerton. California State University Fullerton tuition is $5,742 per year for in-state residents. Gordon Hall - 180Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm The CSU makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum. FTB’s Interagency Intercept Collection program receives requests from participating agencies to intercept tax refunds or lottery winnings from individuals or business entities that owe delinquent amounts to state and local agencies. $10,229 Potential Cost. If you receive financial aid and completely withdraw from the University, we will calculate the amount of federal financial aid you "earned" based on the number of days you were enrolled. Flexible MBA. For more information, please visit the Disability Support Services website. Questions about mailed check payments? Partial Payments for Registration and Tuition Fees or Non-Resident Tuition Fees are only accepted with an approved Tuition Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) agreement. If you have confirmed anticipated financial aid, you may be eligible to postpone payment of your registration fees and Tuition Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) until your confirmed financial aid has disbursed at the beginning of the semester. For questions about disenrollment please contact us at For academic year 2019-2020, the average costs for purchasing books and course supllies is $2,058. California residents pay approximately $35,000 ($270 per unit) while non-California residents pay about $51,480 ($396 per unit). You must formally accept a loan to use those funds as anticipated aid (Master Promissory Note and Counseling required). Tuition for California State University-Fullerton is on the rise, with tuition at $6924. As a California State institution, the University charges different fees for state residents and non-residents (including international students). For Questions about grants, student & PLUS loans, Federal Work-Study, or scholarships, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at GH-146 for more information. Download Word viewer, or download Excel viewer, or download PowerPoint viewer. The Michael A. Reagan Scholarship, for example, is a merit-based scholarship available to newly enrolled Mihaylo graduate students — it awards $8,000 in two installments. Fullerton, CA. The campus fees ranged from about $850 to more than $4,000 for Cal State … The off-campus living costs are increased by 7.14% compared to ACADEMIC year 2018-2019. Contact the Disability Support Services office in GH-101 for assistance with registration. Fees listed in published schedules or student accounts may need to be increased when public funding is inadequate. For students who are not California residents, an additional fee is applied to each unit. Email: Tuition is $5,742 and fees $1,182. Part-Time Tuition Fees. UC President Janet Napolitano has said the system had no plans to refund tuition for this spring. benefits are eligible. They would also be required to pay around $16,020 for their room and boarding expenses. A Non-Refundable administrative fee is charged to enroll in the Tuition Installment Payment Plan each semester. Cal State Fullerton offers a number of special services to veterans. Complete and submit an authorization or a purchase order from your employer to SBS Third Party:  Please contact our office if you have any additional third party funding questions. New:  Students who register for courses offered by the University are obligated to pay for the fees associated with registration for those courses. Next table and charts illustrate the changes of the books & supplies costs at California State University-Fullerton. Overview Admissions Cost Majors Diversity Outcomes Salaries Location Compare Reviews. Cal Poly Graduate School has more expensive graduate school tuition of $20,370 than Cal State Fullerton Graduate School ($17,862). 2019 Cal State Fullerton Financial Aid, Tuition & Cost. Fall Application Period Cal State Apply Application: October 1 – January 15. / license. Tuition Fees are not calculated on a per-unit basis. Documents must be submitted at least five business days prior to your registration appointment to confirm eligibility. Please contact the Athletic Department at least five business days prior to your registration appointment to confirm eligibility. For students pursuing undergraduate courses at California State University-Fullerton, the tuition and fees are estimated to be $12,864 per year. CSUF is committed to ensuring equal accessibility to our users.

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